In the United States automotive marketplace, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) were first introduced when General Motors installed them in the C5 Corvette platform, in conjunction with Goodyear run flat tires.  That was March 1997, and so the concept of monitoring tire pressure was born.  The technology uses sensors that are mounted  on the wheel, typically to the under side of the valve stem and inside the tire.  Additionally a driver display in the dash can show tire pressure at any wheel, plus create warnings when there is either high and low pressure due to problems. It has been standard on Corvettes since the time that, leading the way for future usage in the automotive industry.

In the late 1990s a Firestone recall (related to the death of more than 100 people from rollovers caused by tire tread separation),  pressured the Clinton government to organize and establish the TREAD Act. The Act directed manufacturers to install a functional TPMS system in all motor vehicles under 10,000 pounds, to help inform motorists of developing pressure losses.  This safety program affected all passenger motor vehicles sold after September 1, 2007.   Some model installations began in October 2005, about 20% of US production with full 100% implementation for all models after September 2007.  Bottom line, in the United States and the European Union (as of November 1, 2012), all new automobiles and light trucks must be equipped with a TPMS from the factory. 

So what now, if you don't want to go crazy servicing this technology?

How about just two part numbers...  and 90% coverage?


The first Fully Clone-Able Tire Pressure Sensor, make an exact copy of the original via our OE reprogramming tool or direct via your local shop computer.  Just two part numbers will cover 90% of the vehicles shops see every day.  Finally, a shop will be able to stock sensors and forget the wait for delivery and the guess what price today game.  Set up a compete set of four sensors in less than 5 minutes, plus there's no need to upload data thru the OBD connector.  Simply clone, install and drive, you save time and eliminate all the major reprogramming headaches.  We even offer a free web based data site for the technicians to use and store sensor details on all the cars that are serviced.


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